Saturday, January 28, 2012

Long Nails Hurt

I finally said hi to the girl. I didn't have my mask on, so I wouldn't be kicked again.
She was sitting on the ground when I approached her. I asked her why she was on the floor. She didn't answer. I asked her what her name was and she still didn't answer.

I sat with her and introduced myself as Kobalos. I then told her that I was the one she kicked in the shins.

She tried to move away from me but I quickly grabbed her wrist. I told her I didn't want to hurt her, which probably wasn't the best thing to say now that I think about it.

She started scratching my arms. She has long nails. 0_0 They hurt.

I told her I wasn't a proxy and that she has to believe me. I told her that I was just like her and that she should join me.

She didn't believe me and kept scratching me. I think I have scars now.

She wanted to know why I was wearing a mask and why I was following her.

I said it was because I'm very eccentric and that I was also concerned for her.

She stopped fighting and looked at me. She would join me, but if I was lying then she'll make me regret it. She's one scary little girl.

She's with Nate now. I wish she would tell me her name.

She also has her own blog. She says she's going to update it in a bit.

Oh, her name's Alexis. She such a cute gal.

Found Her

It seems as if the girl I had posted about not too long ago has returned. She appears befundled. I would approach her but I don't want to get kicked in the shins again. Then again she probably won't remember me without my mask on. I'm going to approach her. I'll record what happened later. Oh, I am at some cafe place. It's a hotspot. ~See ya later. ;)
 I met a girl today. A small young girl. Her hair was red and it went below her shoulders. The state of her clothes indicated that she was a runaway. There were a lot of tears in her clothing, and they were dirty. She was dirty. I haven't gotten her name, for she ran away from me. Actually, she kicked me really hard in the shins, then ran away.

Note to self; do not approach a runaway while wearing a mask.
I wonder if she thought I was a proxy. Why do they think that? It's not like I go around, harming others, and spouting out cryptic shit because I follow some Metus (or whatever you people call them.) If I spout out cryptic shit, I spout it just for the hell of it, and I also suck at speaking.

Well, I'm going to try and find her.


 I finished the mask. It's black and white checkered. Just think of Rorscharch's mask, and that's about how mine looks. It covers the whole head. Nate think it looks fine.

Now all I have to do is go outside, wear it, and observe the people's reaction. This going to be fun.

I'll post the results later.

Thursday, January 26, 2012


Guys, I got so bored today I decided to go ahead and make a mask. You  know, one of those mask that covers the whole head. Yeah, I should be done in a few days. I got some of the materials.

Nate has gotten a little more money. I think he might have stolen. Or he sold drugs. Prostitution is unlikely. At least I hope he's not doing that. I'd feel terrible if he did that.

And all this would have been avoided if he just takes me home. My family must be worried sick about me. I keep asking him about taking me home but he just avoids the question.

He'll take me home. Eventually. I hope.

Sunday, January 22, 2012


Sorry for not updating. I really am. You see, a little after I posted that last post, they decided to turn off our internet. It sucked so much. So Dia, sorry for not contacting you. Internet connection is a BITCH. It really is.

It won't even let me comment on other blogs, or that could be just the browser I am using.

Well, a couple of crazy things had happened. We had to go to another hotel, and it's not for the reasons you think. Um, Nate, he got mad at the manager and he punched the manager in the face. They were having some argument about the payment and such and Nate decided that he had enough, so he punched the manager. (Nate, I love you.) Then he got me and we got the hell out of there.

While I was at that old hotel, I walked around the town for a bit. Crazy shit just happened on one night. Seriously, I happened to see that Rake, some giant floating eye (I could feel it staring into my soul and judging me. For what, I don't know. I mean I stole some candy when I was little, and I'm stealing right now, but it's just food. It's a necessity.), some puppet-girl, and a small bluish boy. I have no idea why they were there in that abandoned warehouse, it was probably a meeting or something, but I got the fuck out of that area.

After that, I really don't know what happened. I was just back at the hotel, watching the television.

I wish I would stop zoning out so much. I also hope that me seeing those creatures won't mean that they're after me. I'm surprised the Rake didn't try to straight out murder me. 

I also wonder why it was looking judging me. It's not like I did anything terrible. I didn't!  Really! I didn't didn't didinl;'t didsn;'t dsoidn;tr do anuythindg bad.

but ehw cant ewerememberwe

Friday, January 13, 2012

What am I now?

Doors. They show up sometimes. Unexpectedly. They appear out of nowhere.
We, Nate and I, would go back to our room and would find a door where it shouldn't be.
We don't stay in one place for too long. Always moving. Once a Door shows up, we move. Thanfully, this only happened to us twice. They were the reason for my lack of updates.

Are we Runners now?

Yes. Unwittingly, I am now a Runner.

Nate kidnapped me, and he's a Runner. That makes me a Runner.

People are probably wondering why I stay with him, why I don't run away.

He is my friend. That is why I don't flee from him. Besides, even if I were to flee, where would I go? I don't even know where I'm at. I also don't have the means to getting back home. I can't drive a car. Call the police? I'd rather not do that. Who knows what monsterous beings might attack once we get caught and put into a cell (Nate for kidnapping, and me for probably stealing).

Food is hard to get when one does not have money. Sometimes I would walk into a store, hungry, and the food was within reach. I would grab something; a candy bar, tin of fish, chips, or a box of cookies. I would hide it somewhere and then I would leave the store, hoping that no one catches me. I would make sure that no one is watching and quickly dart out the door.

I was caught a few times. Sometimes the clerks were generous, other times they were not.
It's bad to shoplift at a certain store once one gets caught. That is why I never shoplift twice in the row in one particular store. Less easy to get caught.

While I do appreciate the kind clerks, a part of me feels as if the only reason they help is because they know I owe them.

We're staying at another hotel. Nate has money, but it's not that much. The Manager is mad that we haven't payed on time.

Nate says we might have to sleep on the streets. I really hope it doesn't come to that.