Monday, September 19, 2011


My friend doesn't remember me. She used to protect me from those bullies. Now she won't. She sides with them, saying she doesn't even know me. All memories of me ever being her friend has been erased. I have been forgotten by her.

They forgot about me. They left me outside, locked the door on me. I screamed and I screamed, banging the door with my tiny fist until they hurt. That monster was out there, I knew it was. I heard scraping, something talking with a raspy voice. It was coming closer and no one would answer the door for me. I was crying. Telling them to please let me in. They did. I ran into the house. My mom said she thought I was already inside the house. How could she not noticed that I was gone? My brothers, I think one was laughing. That made me mad, so I went into my room and slammed the door. Mom got mad and started yelling, screeching at me. That just made me cry more.

She was my best friend. How could I not noticed. Should have known what was going on. So stupid.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Blast it.

Gramps is here. What the hell? He shows up after all this time. I'm at the school library. It has less filters than the cafeteria. Oh shit! He noticed me. Just say hi, pretend he's someone you know. Or maybe I can call out “HELP! HE'S TRYING TO MOLEST ME!” That seems to work in the movies.

He's still carrying that dumb book. How many books does he have?

He's walking around, hunched. He actually looks like some person that makes cookies for his grandchildren. (I like cookies. Especially chocolate chip cookies. Once I had a roach on my cookie, but I was too hungry to care, so I flicked the roach off and ate my cookie.) Or one of those people who wander around because they forgot who they were. Dementia. He looks so fragile. Not many people give second thought to a fragile looking old man. He can't harm anyone. He's too weak to hurt anyone.

It's a lie. He probably knows it. No one thinks about the weird old man who wanders around libraries. One would think that after watching a movie with an evil person who looked harmless, people would be more on guard. Unfortunately, real life does not work out that way. How sad.

Well, I'm going to see if I can take his book. If I don't post in ten minutes, you can guess what happened to me.

I chickened out. Oh well, better luck next time.

Well, I'm off.