Monday, May 26, 2014


So, I found some note under a rock near the door. Great thinking for the person as it was rather windy outside.  I think it might rain.

Now, the note. That man, the one who has been following on and off for who knows how long knows where my friend is. I really don't like the looks of this. I have to meet this person soon. I don't know when exactly; the note was vague. I think it might be one of those surprise visits so that I won't be prepared and therefore be on edge. I sure fucking am right now.

Sunday, May 25, 2014


He's gone. I can't find him anywhere. I looked everywhere. And I still cannot find him. I looked under the beds, in the closet, in the bathroom, the fridge, EVERYWHERE!

He has been gone for days now. He is never gone for days. Oh, what if he finally gave in and opened the monsterous door? Why would he leave us then? It doesn't make sense. He does not seem like the type to leave us. I hope he isn't.

God now I am scratching my arms so much and I can barely sleep. Alexis says that I have to sleep. She says that I need to rest so that we can think clearly. But I can't sleep. Fuck.notthis shit again. Perhaps I should try to sleep.