Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Why do bad things keep happening? I should have known. Idiot!

I met this man. Actually, he went up to me while I was walking in the alley. He said that he always wanted to meet me, and that he just wanted to tell me a few things, and he did. I didn't know! I am nothing more than a murderer. How many people have I killed while I “zoned” out?
What exactly did I do to those people? I can't remember. My memory was, as I have found out, faulty to begin with, and I didn't notice. I should have known something was going on when I had trouble remembering what the hell I did those days that I wandered about.

I should have done something when my memory became blurred. I joked about it with my new found friends, having no knowledge of the terrible things that I had done.

Of course i'll be that way. I always run away from my problems, avoiding them, instead of actually trying to solve them.
I even tried to avoid my sins that I had committed. Why did I only think that HE wanted to erase my existence? HE made it so that if people do remember me, they will only remember a murderer.

 He told me all about what I had been doing. How I slashed other people's throats. How I sliced up a woman to death with a knife. She was just a puppet, but she cried and begged for me to stop. “It's funny,” he said, “you were the one who attacked first.” That was right after the warehouse meeting. Some were asleep; others were wide awake when I slit their throats.

Heh, some weren't even servants, but I still killed them.

He even had the pictures to prove it. He showed them to me. It was just the after effects of what I did, but I was always there. Always. I had to be punished, he told me. His master doesn't like it when someone else plays with his victims. But I didn't mean to play with his victims. I didn't want to hurt anybody. I swear.

His master? Nightmare. The dreaded whisperer. 

Then he left me there. I'm such an idiot.