Friday, October 3, 2014


i am now in this bathroom. i think i have been in this bathroom for a while now. time flies by so fast. must keep typing away.

and the chorus sang "you are nothing more than a monstrous murder."

no no, that's not how it went. how did oedipus go again?

how did any of it go?
tragedy or comedy?

this is a tragedy.

i can hear the chorus. the chorus inside my heas d screaminfg ay me about how horrible i am.

the images, the things i had done still follows me. must unsee it but i cant because these eyes wont let me.






i have nothing but my hands.

she forgot me.

finger nails






at them

claw at my face

i just want to bang bang bang my head over and over to make it stop

but it will hurt so much

must try.

goodbye and so long

she doesn't remember me. alexis doesn't remember me.

it feels like everything is so unreal and i'm dreaming. i don't feel real.

i'm in the hotel room, typing this up.

he's gone. someone killed him, and i made that someone disappear as well. there's so much blood on my hands, but i washed them already.

no matter how much i wash them, the blood is still there. my hands sort of hurt. i want to wash them again, i need to cleanse my self, but no matter how many times i wash, there will always be blood on my hands.

it's all futile.

Thursday, October 2, 2014


With all the things that have happened so far, I think it is time to state my name. Oh well, here it goes. My name is Kyle. I already told Alexis.

The reason why I didn't reveal my name up until now is due to some weird safety rule I grew up with, or maybe it was my interpretation of the rule. I always thought that the rule meant that I could not give personal information like my name, so it just sort of stuck. Now, I am telling whoever reads this blog my name because I do not want to forget it.