Saturday, February 25, 2012


Nate's taking me back home. Yay. Yet, why is it that whenever I look at his face, he seems so sad? Don't be sad Nate. I'll explain to my family how you just wanted to protect me and how nice you were to me. I'm sure they'll understand eventually. I will also visit you. Can't have you walking through a Door.

I will also help out Alexis as much as I can.

We leave tomorrow.

I believe the trip might take me a week or so, so I won't be able to update. Not like I update much to begin with. Damn internet problems. I just got it back on and I already have to leave.

Seriously, apparently a lot of shit happened while the internet was down. Ethereal, I have no idea what the fuck happened to him, or if he is even still alive. I really hope he is alive. Dia got fucked over again. Poor gal. She really doesn't deserve that.

So, there you have it. Nothing important happened while my internet was gone. Well, not that I know of.