Sunday, July 29, 2012

Weird Shit That Has Happened These Past Few Months

Hey everybody! How is everyone? I'm guessing that if you're reading this, then you are somewhat fine. Fine as in not dead. Unless you are the undead. I wonder how that would work out. Here's a list of the things that happened to me. I'm pretty sure Alexis wrote her side of the story.

1) The Rake returns
And that bastard scratched me. Damn that hurt like hell. I woke up one night and he was in the room. He sort of just sat there, watching me. Then Alexis woke up and she starts freezes. The Rake shows his many sharp teeth, it kind of looked like he was smiling, and he pounces on me. I manged to get out of the way. Unfortunately, I fell. That gave the Rake enough time to scratch at my leg before Nate threw a lamp at it. That pissed the Rake off. Apparently, creatures don't like having lamps thrown at them. Go figure. He screams and then he just scuttles away. Strange that he would choose to do that. Although, that could be him just fucking with us, or he rage quit.

2) A girl breaking down in tears after I asked her how she was doing
I suspect that the Choir were/was? messing with her. Poor girl. She looked really trouble. I really hope she doesn't kill herself or others. I did give her a note that had some information on what might be troubling her. I did not stick around to see if she read it or not.

3) I keep waking up in the weirdest places
Seriously. In the bathtub, outside, in a warehouse, etc. WTF? Why the hell do I wake up in those places sometime. I think Alexis and Nate worry about me. Pretty soon, they'll have to tie me to the bed.

4) Shoot-out
That was one crazy shoot-out. It was all because of some drugs. Actually, I'm pretty sure I heard motorcycles, so maybe some of them were Timberwolves. I'm not sure on that one.

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