Friday, August 23, 2013

Good News and Not So Good News

After all the things that have happened so far, this is actually pretty decent. Nate remembered his name. Well, he didn't really remember it. An acquaintance of his told him what his name used to be. Jeffery. Nate was apparently his dad's name, whom he hated. Nate, or should I call him Jeffery?, and us (Alexis and I), met this man while we were walking. They have to walk with me in order to insure that no more incidents happen. I told them what happened. Jeff/Nate and the dude talked for a bit, and then we went on our not-so-merry way.

Oh, it seems that Jeff N. (I am going to start referring to Nate as Jeff N.) used to be a drug dealer. I believed he has said that he still occasionally deals out drugs when we are running low on money.

My question has finally been answered. A new question, however, has come to my mind. What kind of drugs?

I have to be watched constantly. I wish I didn't. My relationship with Alexis, after what happened, has been getting a bit better. I think she is still afraid of me, but now she can bare to be in the same room as me, alone, for more than ten minutes.

Jeff N. was disturbed after I told him what I had done, yet he still accepts me. He's nice like that.

Well, I am sorry for not updating sooner. It's been what, two months, since my last post. I haven't really much to talk about.

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