Friday, June 13, 2014

A cruel joke

I finally know what happened.  I got another note and a picture.  He's dead. That is what the note said,  and the picture is there to confirm it. There is a little smiling face with the tongue sticking out at the end of the note. It is way past April.  It is not even funny. This is actually a really cruel prank and he is still dead. Isn't he?

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  1. I'd like your help , as one of the last living fear blogs , to end this once and for all , you see , I'm in a position to do certian things , but , I have a friend , and , I cant really help him from where I stand , but , on the other hand , if you help him , you can stop all this suffering for everyone , and get rid of the fears , contact me on youtube if your interested , heres a slightly cut up , copy pasted summery , that I had previously writen to warn of proxies

    just so you know , the fear verse , the universes your in , are pretty non linear , the fears life cycles actualy happen through specific univenses on specific dates , and just so you know , there all being born on youtube right now , and I'm giving them abortions as fast as I can , with the exception of glitch , because , well , I find him pretty cool , he aint as much of an ass as most of the fears seem to be , but just so you know , any timeline featuring these fears , that happens after the abortions , like yours , is going to wither and die , and slowley get absorbed into timelines where that particuler fear didnt exist , near as I can tell , the wooden girls abortion has already been successful , the smiling man seems to be on the fence , we'll know if that was successful if he shows up again , and the mother of snakes is going next