Saturday, October 15, 2011

Story Time

This has got to be the most boring week ever. I did nothing but stay in the hotel and either slept or go on the internet. Nate wouldn't let me leave the hotel room. He said something about it being "better" this way.

Nate, I have school to go to and a family that needs me back. I'm fucking teenager. I need to go to school to get an education, not running, or whatever the hell we're doing.
The end of my rant.

Well, I finally got the whole story from Nate. I know what happened to him, and to Destiny. They were close. Very close. He was emotionally cold toward others. Distant. Destiny thought he was interesting, so she approched him. At first, he thought she was annoying (much like how he viewed me. Thanks for telling me Nate) but she grew on him.

They started seeing each other. I don't know if they were just friends or more, Nate didn't tell me.

Destiny and Nate often spent their days in an abandon building. Nate was a few years older than Destiny. He was twenty-one, while she was nineteen. Both were attending the same college. And both were in the same classes.

Destiny and Nate spent their days in an abandoned building because, as Nate said, they wanted to get away from it all. Especially Nate. He thinks that his childhood probably wasn't a happy one. He can't really say, since he can't remember it.

One day, a Door appeared in the abandon building. Destiny, being curious, showed Nate the Door.
She made the mistake of opening the Door.

There was this city, different from the one they were living in. He said they were somewhere in Idaho, he can't remember.

Destiny wanted to explore it, so she told Nate to let her go through, and if she doesn't like it, she can just turn back.

Nate was a little cautious about going through unexplained doors, but after talking with her, he agreed. The only thing was, she had to keep the Door opened.

And so she went in, and the Door slammed shut. Nate tried opening the Door, but it wouldn't budge. As quickly as the door had appeared, it disappeared.

Nate visited the building in hopes of the Door reappearing, but it never did.

As he went into the building, he noticed that it was getting colder and colder. He had to bring a jacket because of the cold.

He met a small, bluish boy when he visited the building. The boy kept saying he was cold, so Nate offered the boy the jacket.

The boy looked at Nate, smiled, and sang this rhyme:
"Willy, a helpful boy but not well sighted,
Built a fireplace fire and self ignited;
Now, with the flames dying down and the room growing chilly,
Would someone please re-light Willy?"
(I had to search the internet for this. It's a good thing Nate remembered the gist of this rhyme.)

The boy then said something cruel about Destiny, so Nate punched the boy in the face. The boy's face cracked, and he smiled at Nate.

"You're a very cold man," he said.

Nate told me that he punched the kid again, but his hands were freezing and the hurt, and when he looked at the boy, he saw that the child's face had more cracks on it.

"You're a very cold man."

Nate got out of the building as quickly as he could, and ran. He's been on the run ever since.

That's his story.

He doesn't think he'll ever see Destiny again. Not after what I told him about the city that changes. The Empty City.

Nate's back, (he went to go get food) bye.

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