Tuesday, October 11, 2011


Nate just kidnapped me. Yeah. On the bright side, no school work. On the down side, if I go back to school, I have to catch up with all that work.
Oh, and I also threw up a lot.
He was nice enough to let me have my computer.
We're in a car right now. He's driving it.
Tired. I'm going back to sleep. Will type later.
Stopped at some hotel. Have internet now.

I'm going on youtube to watch some videos. Maybe some of those movies. Good thing I had my stuff in my backpack. And by stuff I mean dvds and books. The dvds were in my backpack because I left them there and forgot about them. The books. I like to read.

My family. I wonder if they even noticed that I'm gone. They're going to be very sad. Maybe I can ask Nate if he could let me go home. I'm beginning to miss them.

He said no. It's better if I stay away from them.

Nate, I like you and all, but taking me away from my family is not the way to solve anything. What I mean is, hell. Kidnapping me isn't going to solve anything.

Where are we anyways?

I'm going to ask Nate.

He won't say anything except that we're in a hotel. I...already knew that.

I asked him how he kidnapped me and he said chloroform. He kidnapped me right around four, and it's six now. He also said I woke up not too long after he used that chloroform, looked at him, and then went right back to sleep.

Which reminds me; Where did Nate get chloroform?

Well, I can try to describe my settings to entertain myself.

There are two beds. A nightstand is between them. The floors are carpeted. I am terrible at this.

New try. The room is very small, with two beds, a bathroom, and a small kitchen. The carpet has some stains on it, I believe they're either piss or shit stains. Most likely from an animal, but animals aren't allowed in this hotel. I think. Now there's an image in my head of some dude shitting on the floor. Very odd image indeed.


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