Monday, April 29, 2013

A Retelling

Here's a more comprehensive version of my previous post. I did my usual thing (walk around, steal, ponder. That sort of thing). Alexis and Nate were at the room. I came back from my walk to converse with Alexis.

Nate must have seen something while he was peeking out the window (He almost always peeks out the window.) for he told us to hide. Alexis went into the closet, and I went into a cupboard in the kitchen area. It was quite damp in there, and dark. My legs felt cramp as I waited for the call to come out. Instead of hearing the signal I heard someone bursting through the door and slamming it shut.
He was yelling at Nate. He wanted to know where the girl was.

I don't really know the specifics of it. All I knew was that he was threatening to kill Nate if Nate didn't tell him where the girl was.

I was panicking. I didn't want Nate to die, but Nate kept telling the man he didn't know what girl the man was talking about.

I quietly open the cupboard door and got out. I tiptoed, quite literally, to the drawers, opened one up, and got myself a butchers knife. The only thing that was going through my head was to protect Nate.

The man wasn't really a big man. A little bit bigger than Nate, that's all.

I snuck up behind the man and stabbed in the stomach area. I kept stabbing him until he finally dropped down dead.

Alexis came out from her hiding place and she let out a terrible scream and she wouldn't stop crying.

I just stood there, and Nate just stared at me with his eyes wide and mouth open, and Alexis just cried.

I'm so sorry.

I finally managed to say something and you wanna know what I said? I said "We have to clean this up. Please help me clean up this mess." And there was a door, so I used that to get rid of the body. Door means we have to leave.

That's all that happened.

I am truly sorry.


  1. You threw the body through a Door? Well, I suppose the Empty City would be great for body disposal but you're lucky you didn't get sucked in.

    Was she crying because you killed a person in front of her or was it someone she knew?

  2. I don't know, she won't speak to me.