Saturday, April 27, 2013

Sorry again so sorry

I have killed a man. Really sorry
Im sorry sososorry i didnt mean to. why? why did i do that? why was it so hard to get the blood stains out? but i must clean it get it out because nate is paying for tgis room and theyll charge him mre if there is any stains.
 shes still crying. she hates me. i am no better than than...them? who are they? proxies? was that man a proxy? i dont...i have to get rid of him. the body.
he came into the room, screaming at nate. he wanted the girl. he threatened nate and i got scared. i told the girl to hide. i grabbed the butcher knife and jammed it into the guys stomach. i jammed it in there really goofd. over and over and over, until his blood soaked my jacket and stained my hands.
just let
must get rid of the body.
and it was so easy

i think i'll give a better account of what happened later. i need to do some cleaning. a shower

gotta throrw uop

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