Saturday, September 20, 2014

I got to watch a man get mauled by the Rake last night. It was vicious, amusing to see the same man who made Nate disappear, disappear himself. Actually, there were probably bits and pieces of the man left by the time Alexis and I got back to the motel.

 He seemed happy to see the Rake. He was about to say something until the Rake charged at him and started to rip him to shreds. I only saw it. I heard some of it. It was if I was watching a video with the volume turned way down low. I felt someone pulling at my arm. Alexis was crying again. She was saying something but I couldn't quite understand what she was saying. I think she told me to leave so I left.

 I feel sick. And I wanted to do it myself.

Heh,  guess it means I am as bad as they are. I stared at the abyss a bit longer than I should have. I wonder if this is what Fate had in store for me. Guess my life is a tragedy rather than a comedy. I was hoping this will turn into a comedy so that I could at least have a happy ending, but the gods have already decided my fate. Why? Why not. I guess, I don't know. Maybe it is punishment. I needed to be punished. That is probably why I saw that eye before.

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