Thursday, November 10, 2011

Hooray Another Hotel

I'm in a slightly more better hotel. Yay. Oh yeah, sorry about not posting this earlier. I was busy...doing nothing.

Well, it turns out that there was a huge hole in our previous hotel wall. I mean really big. That would explain the wooden board that was covering a section of the wall in our bathroom. And here I was freaking out, thinking that the Rake somehow teleported himself in our room. It's a great thing that Nate reminded me of the wooden board.

I ran out of the room that night, first I got my stuff. I really need to get my priorities straight. Back to my retelling of what happened that night. Nate was already out of the door. He told me to hurry up before I die. When I got out, he slammed the door shut. I swore I heard it shrieking. It hurt, but it was actually kind of funny.

We ran to Nate's car, got in, and for some reason I could not stop laughing. It was like I was in some absurd, deranged comedy movie. I think some of it was pent up nervousness, but laughing? Really Kobalos? Laughing?

I have no idea what I was feeling at that time. My emotions were sort of muted and conflicted. I was feeling, but at the same time I was not. This is confusing me.

As I've typed, we're in another hotel.

I'm gonna take a nap.

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  1. Stay safe, my friend.

    If you somehow end up in the City, i'll be here..