Wednesday, August 17, 2011


Went hiking yesterday. It was fun. I like hiking and exploring. There were a lot of trees and shrubs. Even though there were many trees, there was barely any shade. My family and I were trying to get to the top of the hill, but because of how hot it was, we ended up going back. We didn't even get to reach the top. Dad said we can try again next time.

I also visited Nate today, and yesterday as well. I gave him a soda and a bag of chips.

I told him about those creatures and what they were.

“Those Doors lead to the Empty City. It's called Empty because if you go in there, you'll be alone. It's always changing, so you'll get lost easily. And it eats its victims.”
When I said that, he looked mournful.
I continued. “That boy you met is The Cold Boy. He freezes people. Makes 'em freeze to death.”
(Ice Lad seems like a good nickname.)

I told him there are others. I already met two of them Gramps (Blind Man, or GRANDFATHER, if you're the Archive people), and The Rake (when I was a small child.)

Although, now you can say I've met more. Doors, which is more of Nate's problem. So that makes three. 

I visit Nate everyday. I visit him to make sure he doesn't open a door and go through it.
I don't want to lose anyone.


  1. Have you ever come across a way to get rid of the Doors? Could opening one and closing it trick the City? I don't know. For this subject, I'm glad I'm ignorant.

  2. I don't think he does. Gotta ask him.

  3. @ Ethereal. Just found out he doesn't even have a computer. No blog.

  4. Another case where I'm late catching up on it (so much hunting to do) but Dia, never attempt what you suggested. I've heard reports of people being sucked through a Door upon opening, you may not have time to slam it shut before it takes you or someone near by.