Sunday, August 21, 2011


 I wonder if my school allows blogspot. I should probably check tomorrow. I bring my laptop to school, so at lunchtime, I'm mostly on it. I usually go on TV Tropes, or I just research random things. Mostly murder cases and such. Anyone remember The Black Dahlia. I looked up her pictures on google image and boy, were they creepy. I'm surprised the school allowed those images. Anyone ever heard of Boy in the Box. It was a dead boy is some box. I believe he was a victim of child abuse. I had an encyclopedia on unsolved cases. It was a library book, so I had to return it.

I am reminded of other abuse cases. Silvia Likens was tortured by her peers and later died of shock. AJ Schwarz died when his step-mom killed him. That boy was brought out of an abusive household and put in a worse situation. I detest abuse. I just loathe it. I think that's why I want to become an investigator. To help out other people. Although, sometimes I might have to see if a person is being unfaithful, so I may have to tell who ever hired me to not kill their spouse. I don't want to have a guilty conscious.


  1. School doesn't allow me on this site.

  2. I detest abuse as well. I call it "half-assing it." If you're going to inflict pain, why not turn on the whole orchestra? Honestly. It's irritating. Some people are just so damn lazy...