Saturday, August 6, 2011


I need. What is it that I need. Sorry, my thoughts seemed to be jumbled. I think I'm hungry. Having little food is not good, but I'm use to it.

I think I was supposed to type about something, but I can't remember.

Sometimes, I don't think I'm real. Like I'm a figment of everyone's imagination. Sometimes, everything just seems so unreal to me. I'd sit in class, and it would feel like a dream.

I detest speaking. What's the point if nobody can hear me? Even if I do shout. I prefer writing. Strangely, if it's an wide open space, people seem to hear me.

The only people I normally talk to are my family, and Nate. I haven't seen him in while though. I hope he didn't open a door. I plan to visit him tomorrow, and get some more information.

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