Saturday, July 23, 2011

Automaton and The Dog

The Automaton was just an old, ugly thing with its head that looks like a skull and a cowboy hat on top of it. It wore traditional Mexican clothing.
It was very clumsy and was prone to making mistakes. The maker considered it to be a failure and discarded it.
The automaton tried its best to please its maker. It would play all sorts of stringed instruments: harps, guitars, banjos, and such, but its playing was horrible.
It traveled around, looking for someone to please. Everyone was either afraid of this brown, wooden automaton or annoyed by it.
One day it met a human girl who caught its fancy. It would play songs for her, but she hated the automaton and wanted it to go away.
The automaton realized that the only way to please her, to please others, was to leave and never show itself to others.
No matter how much it hurt the automaton. No matter how lonely the automaton was and how much it wanted a companion to stay by its side, the automaton realized no one would love it.
The automaton wanted to please others, so by leaving, it was doing everyone a favor.
So it left.

The dog was a very vain dog. He would fret about his weight and appearances.
His owner was a lovely young boy who loved the dog dearly.
The dog would always put others down because of their appearances.
One day, while holding the dog, the boy jokingly said how pudgy the dog was.
The dog, worried about his weight, stopped eating.
One day, the dog met a group who said they will restore the dog's beauty if it only left his master.
The dog chose the group, his looks, above his owner.

Just two parts of a dream I had.