Sunday, July 24, 2011

Oh Hai There Follower And Commenter.

Just felt like I should acknowledge that person.

Anyways, my day has been fairly normal. I think Gramps (I'm going to call him that. It's short enough for me) is somewhere else. Haven't seen him at the library for quite some time. I haven't seen that person he talked to either. I still remember what that person looks like, so I'm sure I will recognize him if I saw him.

No dreams of The Rake or Gramps (that was one trippy, geologically messed up, time disorted dream), but then again, I did not get that much sleep. All I can remember from my dream is my brother photoshoping lightning balls and somehow those lightning balls appeared. Very colorful. Also some Angel from Evangelion was there and so were Brian and Meg from Family Guy.

I feel like posting random videos.

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