Sunday, July 17, 2011


I am sorry.

That thing is still hunting my dreams. For some reason I'm a child in my dreams. I always cry in my dreams. I'm terrified that the thing would hurt me, and no one would know until it's too late. It always told me things. I never understood it. Then it would leave and I'd wake up, on the floor instead of a bed.

I couldn't update Saturday because my younger brother and I ended up spending the night at our grandparents' house. Our cousins were there too.
We went to Mr.Gattis. I won the least tickets-360 total. It's more than I usually make, which is about 20 tickets. I am that horrible at the games. Everyone else won about 1,000. My prize I chose was a skull ball, but I lost it.

I'm currently at the library now. No sign of the old man anywhere. I think he might have left already. Oh well, I can always try next week.

I really wish that thing will get out of my dreams.

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