Sunday, July 10, 2011

Hello Again

Just got back from church. It was meh, as always. Right now, I'm at the library. I only have internet connection when I'm at the library.

Went to my grandmother's house yesterday and had dinner. Then I slept, and read a book. I have to read that book for English. Sucks.

I got to stop procrastinating on my Chemistry Summer Assignment. Need to finish it before school starts. Sucks.

There's a weird old man at the library. He looks like he can be somebody's grandpa. I can't see his eyes, though. He is wearing sunglasses. Who the hell wears sunglasses in the the library? Oh well. He's also carrying this big book. He must be reading to the children. How sweet.

I can't remember last night's dream. I think it had something to do with zombies. Most of my dreams have zombies. They also have me losing my eyesight, but that's a different story.

Well that's it for now. I'll update when something interesting happens.

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