Tuesday, July 19, 2011


I had a dream last night. I can only remember snippets of it. Something about our car turning into a plane, being late for school and trying to catch the bus, that sort of dream. You know the dreams you have where you are someplace doing one thing then you somehow magically end up in another place doing something else. That's how my dreams are most of the time.
I remember this one part pretty damn clearly though. There was this room, a house maybe. Blood splatter was on the wall. Bloodied writing was on the wall. They all told about getting out or some such. I remember there was this guy who would take women to that house (I don't know if he drugged and kidnapped them, or tricked them into going there) and he would torture them. It made me afraid of being alone, because what if that man got me but no one was there to save me. I was actually thinking that in my dreams.
It was in the woods. The house was. For some reason my dream played like a news report, showing the pictures of the torture equipment and those rooms.
That's all I remember about that dream.
Another dream I had involve Syler from Heroes and a guy from a book selling hot-dogs in front of our old house. There were also these skeletal golems from Neverwinter Nights game roaming around.

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