Tuesday, July 26, 2011

House of Leaves and some more videos.

House of Leaves
I had been reading this book, but stopped.
I remembered one segment that talked about The Minotaur. The man speculated that The Minotaur was just a deformed child whose father sent away. Those children that were sacrificed as food for The Minotaur, well, they died of starvation.
Then Theseus slays The Minotaur for sport.

“The girls must be hoes because with hoes you don't feel love for them.”-Master Yoda.
Just imagine Yoda saying something like that.
Also; “I was drunk as fuck.” and “Fuck hoes doing crazy shit.”

I really wanna get Cthulhutech. I also need to get some more books, which reminds me. Borders is closing down. Damn, and I haven't even used my giftcard. I will order online from them. I guess I would have to shop at Barnes and Noble. Or I could just order from Amazon, but I don't have the means to.

I really want to play Batman Arkham Asylum and Euthanasia. I saw my older brother playing it and thought it looked swell. And, it's free. Also Ryushiki07th is going to release Higabana: the visual novel sometime in August. Oh, hooray. I have got to get some more of his games. I played the first game and even after knowing what happened to everyone, I almost cried.

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