Monday, July 25, 2011


Feel like writing about Oedipus today.

Oedipus was born the some rulers who heard of a prophecy in which their son would kill his father, the king. The king disposes of the baby, hoping the elements would kill it, but a farmer takes to boy in and calls him Oedipus, because of the lad's deformed foot.

Oedipus grows up and goes to an oracle. While he is there the oracle tells him that he will his father.

One day Oedipus was traveling a road. Some dude makes him mad, so he did the only reasonable thing, he killed the dude, and some unimportant people.

Stuff happens involving Sphinx and a city. He saves the city and becomes their new king, 'cause the old one's dead. Hooray.

Then the city falls on hard time and the council and Oedipus, I think, had to find out who killed the king.

After some arguments and Oedipus threatening a guy, Oedipus finds out he killed the king. He also finds out that the king was his father.

His wife finds out about this as well. Oedipus and her both had children together. Oedipus is her son, mind you. So, she goes into her room and kills herself.

Oedipus sees her corpse, takes her brooch, and stabs his eyes.
I forgot what happens afterward, I think he ended up cursing his children and wandering around someplace blind.

Well, that's all I can remember about Oedipus.

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