Friday, July 22, 2011

Island School

My dream was weird. Then again, it's always weird. Dreams are like that you know.
Well anyway, my school was on a small island. On the mainland was another school that we students had to go to. Think we had to swim there. And for some reason there was a shit load of ants coming out from a pipe, which I believed was from the kitchen. None of us took notice of it as it was quite natural, apparently. I think they were fire ants. (I used to have an infestation of those bastards. Have thirty or more bites on me at a time.) We had to solve some sort of mystery about where our cook was. Found out he was just chillin on the beach. I think he gave us some food.

Then it was time for us to go back to mainland school. My next class was English. I then remembered that I didn't finish my English assignment. It was either skip or suck it up. I chose to suck it up and go to class. Our teacher was that old man. He had that book open on his desk and he was writing in it. His sunglasses were nowhere to be seen.

The class was pretty accepting of this man, (if you can call him that) with no eyes. Still better then the original teacher we all figured. Hopefully he didn't know about the assignment. He did. I had to turn it an unfinished paper.
Despite having no eyes, his handwriting was remarkably better than my own. Mine, I don't think I was even writing that time. It was just scribbles.
When I looked at my classmates, I found that their eyes were missing. A little unnerving if you ask me, but I didn't think much of it.

The most scariest, craziest, yet awesome part came when gigantic spiders started a war with some ants that were about the size of the spiders. Both were bigger than a car.
Imagine two bugs bigger than a car duking it outside your school window. I can't remember which side won, but it was awesome.

It's like the time my dog turned into a two headed monster and devoured another dog. Best dream ever.

Then my dream shifted and I was at my grandparents house, spending the night. The only thing was, I forgot my laptop and book.

Oh and my grandparents didn't have any eyes.

I think that incident must have left a mental scar on me, since I'm dreaming about people with no eyes.

Well, at least it wasn't a dream about The Rake, I have a hard time typing that name for some reason, so that's a change. I guess.

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